The true cost of entrepreneurship

I want share about the true cost of entrepreneurship. I’m not talking about leaving the 9-5, “secure and stable” job, or the opportunities you’ve given up running your venture. I’m talking about the cost of your social life and your relationships.

Running a start-up is challenging, no doubt about that. Sometimes you can push people way, alienating them from your life. In my case, several people whom I thought supported me—turned out that they did so only in the beginning, or worse, never did. I’ve had to cancel important social events to fix bugs, I’ve had to let go of friends who exposed their true nature after our venture ran out of cash. I’ve had to pick up the pieces when a close customer moved to a competitor. For me, relationships are worth more than any amount in of money in the world, so having to pay these costs wasn’t easy.

You start to question who believes in you, and who is just in it for the ride.

Then you start questioning the whole venture, perhaps even start doubting yourself.

I’m here to say—DON’T. No matter what happens, know that you’re coming out a better person both in life and in business. You’ve gained valuable experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

Just remember that this is your venture. No matter how you hard you try to get people to see you eye-to-eye, no one is REALLY going to understand you and your ideas. If they did, they would be the one running the startup.

Maybe many of you are fortunate to enough to not experience this, or ever will—but for those of you who have—let me tell you it’s going to be okay. Remember your end goal. Keep the passion and spark alive. The road to success may be lonely, but the payoff will be worth it.

Also, I encourage you to seek out like-minded people to share your story. Luckily, I have a wife and her mother who have not only supported me throughout my journey, but also are my best cheerleaders.

Here’s to the bold entrepreneurs—cheers.


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