What I would tell my former self on using tools

If time travel exists, I would go back in time and tell the Quy in the past to stop doing to things the manual way (duh, that’s obvious, right? Well it didn’t seem like that at the time). I would tell myself to stop door knocking. Stop cold calling. Stop hiring expensive sales people, and most importantly, stop re-inventing the wheel. Instead, I would tell my former self to invest in the right tools in order to grow our audience, improve conversion, and streamline our support system. By doing these things, we will cut overall cost, and grow much faster.

A few months ago we’ve adopted several tools like Active Campaign, SendGrid, tawk.to, etc. to handle our marketing and on boarding process. The result of adopting these tools has returned 660% in new enrollments in just three months. An astounding improvement over doing things we thought was the “right” way to build our customer base.

Another thing I wish we implemented sooner was data capturing and automation. Like most entrepreneurs and business owners, I thought that just because I’ve built this amazing product, people will magically appear and subscribe instantly. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The reality is that we live in a very data rich world, one that favors those who knows how to interpret and act on that data. Thus, for Bloomforth to grow…we needed to start gathering data that is relevant to our user base.

In the case of Bloomforth, we’ve poured countless months of R&D into building one of the most comprehensive small retail management platforms in the world only to realize people have no idea what we did! Even for our current users, only a fraction of them know about the omni-channel experience, or understand why customer loyalty programs are so effective at growing a customer base.

But through carefully surveying and learning more about our users, we were able to provide better guidance and increase overall conversion. All this could not be possible if we didn’t have the right tools to help us.

In summary, there’s always a better and more efficient way of doing things—find them and implement them (even if it cost a little bit more), your future will be grateful.

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