Holiday Reflections

Season’s greetings, everyone! I know it has been quite a while since my last post. A lot has happened since then…just last month, I lost a friend and a colleague—Chris. Chris was one of the original team members at Bloomforth. We met each other during my stint at Best Buy, where we quickly became friends. He was a great guy who has a lot of heart—a guy who cared about others and about his work. I was stricken with sadness after hearing he had died from internal bleeding. His death, at such a young age, not only reminded me of the ephemeral nature of life but also reminded me to cherish those around us.

Chris and I would often talk about the meaning of life, work, and computers. He had this strong desire to do something truly meaningful. He considered Bloomforth to be his home, a place where he can be himself—he was so eager to learn and eager to do well. Thank you for your friendship, your contribution, and your time with us. While you are not physically here with us, your spirit will always be a part of Bloomforth. Rest in peace, my friend.

Part of entrepreneurship is having a huge appetite for risk. One must be ready to take on any challenges and to navigate through uncertainty. However, once in a while, we are reminded that we are only human—no matter what we do, we need each other. We need to step back and appreciate our friends, our family, and our world. At the end of the day, what makes us successful as a person is not how much money we’ve accumulated, or how much influence we wield—but our values, and the memories we leave behind for others.

Chris’ death, reminded me that our mission is to serve small business—providing them a truly unique platform to start and scale their enterprise. We hated the thought of working for “the man”, who often don’t notice us, and who don’t care about the well-being of his employees and customers. Bloomforth is going to things differently. We are going to build a strong company that empowers everyone it touches. To do this well, we must involve all stakeholders and build our community. Just a few months ago, we’ve launched a cool feature that allows wholesalers to sell to both retailers and directly to consumers on one platform. Bloomforth’s platform is designed to simplify the commerce process for everyone in our community—from sellers to buyers.

We’ve also streamlined our service by implementing real-time chat on our site and app to better serve our customers.
By providing quick and easy access to a live person, we were able to improve engagement, retention, and ultimately—conversions. We noticed that using online chats freed up our phone lines and help resolve issues quicker, which saves money. While there are many solutions for live chat on your website, we recommend It’s free to use and super easy to set up. If you’re interested in implementing this for your business, check them out If you need help setting this up for your site, just send me a quick note—I’ll be more than happy to help a fellow entrepreneur.

Until next time, happy holidays!


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