Shitty week? Read this.

Have you ever had a week that just seems to suck? Last week was that week for me.

A few weeks ago, I was at a dog park, a fight broke out between two dogs. Normally I stay true to my rule of not providing assistance at parks because despite of my good intentions, people are often get offended when you try to help. So anyways, I see these two dogs fighting and drawing blood—I couldn’t help but step in to stop the fight. One couple who were new dog owners was very grateful that I did. The other lady however, didn’t seem too happy.

Fast forward a week later—I return to the dog park with my dogs. We were there for about three hours and just as we were about to leave, my wife and I were stopped by two park rangers. They told us that someone is complaining that we had “vicious” dogs and that we were over the dog limit, which were 2 per person. Puzzled, I look at him and said “my dogs, vicious? Just look at them, and I have four dogs with us.” He laughed and said yeah, they don’t seem vicious, yes, you only have four—the lady lied to us”. After explaining the situation, they sympathetically apologized and went about their ways. I approached the young woman who reported us and explained that I was simply trying to help—and the fact that she followed us around all day at the park to “catch” us in the act was a waste of her time and is just plain weird. After that incident, I came home to a speeding ticket, which I received from a hidden camera in the District.

Fast forward a few days, I went to visit a friend in the District. A few hours later, I went outside and saw that both of my front tires were slashed by some asshole. Thank you, universe!

That week reminds of a great lesson from the movie Just My Luck, staring Lindsey Lohan and Chris Pine. Lohan plays a Manhattanite who is known to many as the luckiest woman around and Pine as her antithesis. The two had a chance encounter and their luck was switched. The entire movie is about Lohan trying to find Pine in order to reclaim her good luck. There was one scene in particular that I can relate to and that can teach us a lesson.

After re-meeting Pine, Lohan asks how he was able to deal with all of his misfortunes in life so nonchalantly, to which Pine responded something along the lines of “when you’re unlucky like me, you learn to mitigate and prepare for the worse.” The moral of the story is that no matter what life throws at you, you can’t accept defeat. Despite of Pine’s luck, he still manages to push on with his music career and eventually landed a contract with a major record label.

Maybe I’m still working off bad karma from my past life, or I just have shitty luck. Whatever it is, I’m not taking it personally and I don’t think the universe trying to get me (I hope). Even when things seems shitty—there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just be prepared to face any challenges life throws at you, just like Jake.

I’m hoping all of the bad luck won’t stick around for our upcoming road trip around the USA.

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